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Upcoming Summer Music Events

Bliss of Chant
Bliss of Chant

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Bhaktifest: September 5-8th, 2013

Summer 2013 events

Kirtan Concert
with Gina Sala and Daniel Paul
Thursday July 11, 7pm

with Dharma Devi, Johnee Gange and Special Guests
Saturday, July 27th, 8pm

Wednesday, July 31st, 7pm

Transformational Healing Music Concert, Heartsongs and Sacred Chants from around the World with Anton Mizerack & Laura Berryhill
August 9th 7pm-9pm

Transformational Music
Transformational Music

David Newman (aka Durga Das)
Thursday September 12th, 7pm

2nd Annual Kirtan & Costume Party with Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band, TBA

Past Events
Dharma Devi
Tony Khalife
Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band
Gina Sala and Daniel Paul
Masood Ali Khan, Sheela Bringi and Johnee Gange