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The Ghosts Of Roulette, With The “Game Of Zero

The game of roulette, in addition to being the best known in the world, has a vastness of game options that makes it almost unique. Full numbers, triplets, horses, and much more. In short, you can bet JDL688 on almost everything at roulette, but it is essential to know both the name in the jargon of the game and, above all, what we are going to play. For this reason, we believe a review of the most interesting games to be made is necessary.

Game of Zero

It is a sector of 7 numbers near zero. It is a game widely practiced in Germany and in central European casinos and known as “Zero spiel.” These 7 numbers are played with 4 combinations and a total of 4 chips. The combinations are respectively:

– The full number 26 with 1 piece

– Horses 0 | 3, 12 | 15, 32 | 35 with 1 piece

It is practically the game of the keepnet without the 19

The ghosts:

 A sector of five numbers on the wheel. These 5 numbers are located within the Neighbors of Zero and are played with 5 combinations and a total of 5 chips. The combinations are respectively:

– Full numbers 2, 4, 15, 19, 21 with 1 piece

Number and neighbors:

The announcement “number and neighbors” without specifying anything else implies the bet of the indicated number plus the 2 numbers that are on its right and the 2 on its left in the roulette layout. It is played with 5 pieces full on the numbers want to play a wider sector it is necessary to say in the announcement the number of neighbors desired.

It will always be understood that the numbers will be brought into play เกมส์ คาสิโน both on the right and on the left. In the case of the number and only one neighbor, the three numbers are usually simply announced. The method used in several casinos to call this game is: “N and XX” where N stands for the starting number and X indicate and boxes in one direction.

In online roulette, clicking on the “racetrack layout” automatically places the five pieces on the clicked number and on the 2 neighbors on the right and left.

Better Vertical Or Lateral Numbers? What Is Better To Bet On Roulette

The game of roulette, in addition to being the best known in the world, has a vastness of game options that makes it almost unique. Flat numbers, triplets, horses, and much more. In short, you can bet on almost everything at roulette, but it is essential to know both the name in the jargon of the game and, above all, what we are going to play. For this reason, we believe a review of the most interesting games to be made is necessary.

The sides of the number

They are the roulette numbers, which are located on the sides of the indicated number on the carpet. They are the numbers of the central column, which have the unique characteristic of having another number on the sides. For the other numbers, the side is only 1, and therefore we tend to announce it simply by calling the horse. We play 2 pieces on the horses that include the announced number and numbers left and right.

The verticals of the number

They are the numbers found on the carpet above and below the indicated number. This combination is possible on all numbers except 0, 34, 35, and 36, which are at the ends of the table and therefore do not have a number above or below. It is played with 2 pieces on the horses, which include the indicated number, the one top, and bottom on the table layout.


They are all numbers that have the same final digit in common. The finals are played with 4 pieces for the finals from 0 to 6, while with 3 pieces for the finals from 7 to 9. Some finals can be played with 4 vertical horses, while if you want to play the finals with contiguous horizontal numbers ( for example, final 1 and 2), more pieces will be needed because not all numbers can be played on horseback (21 and 22).

The figures for the number

The numbers whose sum of all the digits gives the same result. The sum of the digits of the numbers between them, excluding zero, is always a number between 1 and 9. When you announce this bet เกมส์สล็อต, you indicate that you want to bet all the numbers that give the indicated value by sum are all bet with 4 pieces and have the characteristic of being positioned all on the same column.

To easily identify them, simply take the number of the figure and add 9 3 times. For example, the figure of 8: 8, 17, 26, 35 is made up of 8 + 9 = 17, 17 + 9 = 26, 26 + 9 = 35.The figures of neighboring numbers can be played on horseback. Figures 3 at a distance from each other (for example 1, 4, and 7) occupy the whole column.

The Betting Rounds And The Rules Of Each Individual Bet: Here’s How Roulette Works

A roulette table has a beginning and an end every day. In the middle, there are endless games and endless rounds of the ball. But for those who are unfamiliar with the game, it can seem difficult to understand how the bets take place and how much time you have available to place them. In short, an apparently difficult mechanism, which in reality is very simple to understand. So today, we will take you to discover how roulette bets are made.

General rules 

Games Management has the right to manage everything as it sees fit. This is a rule that you will not find written so directly, but you can derive it from the content of the official rules of the game of roulette, which is more or less similar for all casinos. Among the most important rules to remember are:

  • The game management can decide to stop the game at any time
  • The games management can decide to change the minimum and maximum of the table
  • The decisions on disputes and controversies made by the management of the game are final
  • You cannot bet a higher amount than the table highs, either alone or with the help of other players.
  • The croupier is not responsible for bets made on behalf of the player
  • Players cannot touch the winning chips until the dealer has finished making payments
  • The player must always observe their bets. The combination will be paid on the table when the number is released.


It is not the time it takes to spin the ball, but the time between two throws, the most important factor of time factor to consider when playing roulette. The main goal of the casino is to make money honestly on the players’ skin.

The business plan is simple: it is based on the mathematical advantage of the dealer, or tax, which slowly erodes the player’s capital and ensures the house the big profits and on the fact that the players place different bets. All this translates into having more possible players and make them play as many games as possible.

To attract players, there are promotions and marketing campaigns; to make them play more, you have to turn the roulette wheel several times.

The reference number for the speed of the roulette is expressed in boules/hour or in strokes/hour or, to use the English terminology that is becoming increasingly popular, the spin number per hour. The higher this number, the more the table produces game volume and consequently, income.

However, we must also take into account the financial endowment and the type of table; in fact, the classic French roulette, in which the game volumes are higher and the payment times longer, can afford to travel much more slowly. Below is an indication of the average times in boules per hour:

  • Classic French Roulette 25/35
  • Fairoulette 35/50
  • American
  • Roulette 40/60 Automatic Roulette 60/75

The speed of the game is also determined by the flow of people at the tables (except for the automatic ones) and by any longer procedures for payment or for disputes. However, a specific electronic device is connected to each table, which also detects the speed among the various parameters. The head of the table or the pit boss check the parameter and signal the croupier the rhythm to be kept.

Roulette: Numbers & Horses And Full Number

For those who are now expert connoisseurs of Roulette, it will seem almost familiar to announce nicknames and bets, which create curiosity among the novice players. Behind these somewhat imaginative names, however, there are very technical games and complex development, which, if used in the right way, can make you win a lot of money at the table.


They are numbers that have both equal digits. A game of the Italian casinos, not widespread, coming from the tradition of the lotto.

Today it is rarely seen, and in some cases, it is difficult to accept it as an announcement. It is a matter of simply playing a full house on the numbers 11, 22, and 33, which have the same numbers, twins.

Numbers and Carrè 

The number and the respective carrè. The pieces are positioned on the four corners of the number box (less if they do not belong to the central column). This combination is used to try to exploit the exit of the number and, at the same time, have about 1/4 of the probability of winning, given that 9 out of 37 numbers are put into play. Any winnings are distributed as follows:

– 4 pieces if a number comes out in the corner

– 13 pieces if a vertical or lateral number comes out

– 67 pieces if the full number comes out

By betting on 2 the winnings are greater because the two carré over the number are actually triplets.

Numbers and Horses

A number and their horses. This bet is used to try to maximize the win on one hit. It is preferred to play on the complete number because it requires fewer pieces (5) but which in case of exit of the full number guarantees a good win anyway: 103 pieces, and that is the 35 full pieces + 17 * 4 (68) pieces of horses. Also, in this case, the maximum result is obtained only with the numbers of the central column.

Complete number

A number and the respective horses and carré. It is a combination of play with the aim of maximizing the winnings on a certain number, often played by those who “feel” that their lucky number must come out. It is played with a maximum of 9 pieces for the numbers found in the central column up to a minimum of 4 for the numbers in the corners (34 and 36). If you play 9 pieces, you have the following odds:

– Draw if the 4 numbers come out at the corners

– 27 pieces if the verticals or the sides come out

– 135 pieces if you hit the full

If the number 2 is played, the payout is greater because the two upper yokes are actually triplets since there is only the box zero on the roulette table.